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Tips to avoid becoming a fraud victim!

  1. APB will never call you after hours or on weekends from a local branch phone number.
  2. Fraud department calls will never ask for your online banking log in information.  NEVER give this information to anyone.  STOP and call your local branch during business hours. 
  3. If you receive a text from our fraud department, respond back and if it is fraud, they will close your card.  They will not call you and try and resolve the issue, they would only call to verify fraud and turn off your card.  If anyone asks you to log in to your online banking, STOP and call your local branch during normal business hours.
  4. If you are concerned about debit card fraud, you can suspend your debit card in your online banking and on the app using card management.  


Cybersecurity….even the word sounds scary!  At American Pride Bank, we take all security very seriously.  As your bank, we will never call you and ask you for verification information.  We will never tell you that if we could remote onto your computer, we could help fix a problem.  We will never email you and ask you to click on a link.  If anyone ever calls and asks you any of these questions, hang up.  If you have any questions about your account, always call us.  Check your account regularly for any abnormalities.  Contact us right away if something is not right.  We are Your Community Bank.

Below are some helpful tips to be Cyber Secure:
  • Make sure you have up-to-date and active security software that includes Firewall Protection and Anti-virus programs
  • Update, Update, Update!  Keep your operating systems and programs current
  • Review your privacy settings 
  • Explore security options for all Internet-connected devices to include gaming systems
  • Configure mobile phones or tables to lock automatically after 5 minutes or less of non-use
  • Don't store personal information on laptops
  • Back up your data on a regular basis
  • Secure your home wireless network

Security Notification

Your security is very important to American Pride Bank. We strive to ensure a safe banking environment, but also understand that it requires our customers to have a safe personal computing environment in your home or business. American Pride Bank will never ask you to verify any personal information by email, through a web link, with a text message or by phone unless you initiate the contact. We suggest you never download virus scans from websites or pop-ups, as these may be fraudulent attempts to gain access to your financial information. If you receive a request for any type of information, please contact us immediately at 478-784-1448 to report the incident.

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